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exophrenic digital stills:

Our first exhibit covers photography of national parks from 2004-2008. We are proud to present color and sepia toned photography from Bryce Canyon, Zion, Death Valley, Red Rocks outside of Las Vegas, Joshua Tree, Mt Whitney and Lone Pine, Yosemite, Sequoias National Park, Sauguaro National Park, other landscapes and more.

SCHWARZELL favors natural light and limited use of flash for environmental still photography. For complicated or difficult scenes, supplemental exposures are sometimes used in pin-registered combination to attain the widest tonal range possible to present amazing scenes of nature in their entirety.

See his panoramas above left for many more nature and other scenes from around the world, all composed from a series of wide angle or fisheye stills.

Each image of this series is available as a giclée art print or 4x6" or 4.25x6.5" glossy postcard. Postcard series will be available soon. Please don't hesitate to email John SCHWARZELL for details, inquiries or commissions above left.

Welcome to exophrenic media!!

exophrenic media proudly presents still photography